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Debian Packages System

Quick refinances

To manage packages in Debian Linux you have 3 tools: dpkg, apt-get and aptitude.
Here are some useful command to manage packages under Debian linux using those tools.

Install ftpd FTP server on Debian
apt-get install ftpd

Remove a package from Debian
apt-get remove ftpd

Do not install only simulate package installation on Debian
apt-get -s ftpd

Install and remove a Debian package using dpkg
dpkg -i ftpd

dpkg -r ftpd

2. Find files from ftpd package on Debian
dpkg -L ftpd

Search for a package from Debian installed packages
dpkg -l | grep ftpd

To list all packages use:

dpkg -l

Resynchronize the package index file from sources
(index is fetched from location listed in /etc/apt/sources.list)

apt-get update

Upgrade Debian packages after you’ve run an update

apt-get upgrade

Search for a package in cache

apt-cache search net-tools

Find to which package belongs a file in Debian
Find complete path of netstat:

whereis netstat

You will get:

netstat: /bin/netstat /usr/share/man/man8/netstat.8.gz

Then type following command using complete path for file

dpkg -S /bin/netstat

You will get:
net-tools: /bin/netstat

(net-tools is the package name).

Get info about a package in Debian

dpkg -s net-tools

List packages from cache dir

ls /var/cache/apt/archives/

Remove all files from packages cache

apt-get clean

Manage packages in Debian with aptitude
aptitude install ftpd
– will install ftpd package
aptitude remove ftpd – will remove ftpd package
aptitude update – will update packages  index
aptitude seach ftpd – will search for ftpd package
aptitude download ftpd – will download ftpd package in current directory


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